Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Go Vanilla! Blog Ice Cream Winner , , ,

IS . . . Drum Roll Please!!! Cheryl won the blog ice-cream being the 21st poster out of 25 in just over 2 days and 100 views! At 11:20 Pm I had 1102 Views (sorry I missed it by 2!) but the last post came in well before that, so I guess it's all legal and we can leave the attorneys at home in their beds! I've emailed you Cheryl for your snail mail addy and a Coldstone Creamery Gift Certificate will be on its way to you! Enjoy your Chocolate PB ice-cream! And, oh, any chance Coldstone was the creamery where your hubby proposed? HMMM???

Thanks to all of you who played along with me and for your fun comments too! I think Vanilla won! I say the rest of us run out and pick up a pint (quart or gallon if you prefer), grab a spoon and enjoy!


CAKVD said...

Yipppeeee!!!! I LOVE Coldstone! Thank you so so much! My hubby proposed to me at a place called Ellas Deli Ice Cream Parlor - It has a carosel and tons of toys all over. Thank you so much!!!

Pattyjo said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You go Cheryl! I know you will love this blog candy or should I say Ice cream! If you decide you can't handle it or can send it my way. Hahaha
Cheryl rocks!