Thursday, August 2, 2007

Quote to Create On - Color to Inspire!

It's no secret that I love Big Picture Scrapbooking - especially their color and quote section. . . Well over there this week they probably have the quote, that if I could, I would use to motivate everyone in this world to scrapbook.
Make visible what, without you,
might perhaps have never been seen.
― Robert Bresson
Isn't that just the awesome! So I hope today (or whenever you read this) you will think on this quote for a minute about some ideas you've got swirling around in your head and get them out there. . . Make visible, what, without you would never be seen!
So, here's a little challenge. . . using one of the color combos in the cute photo above from
Little Miss Matched get something out of your head, into paper and email it to me (! Put "Color Quote" in your subject line. If I get some action on this little challenge I'll make a slide show, post it and pick my fave for a little prize from me. . . If the winning entry is a scrapbook page I will award a bigger prize! Oh, and the deadline is August 13th--winner announced no later than August 15th!
Make it a great day!


CAKVD said...

Hi! I loved the idea of this challenge. That quote is awesome! I feel like every scrapbook page is making visible what may have never been seen! Here is mine:


Rachele Funk said...

Only 1 entry doesn't establish a "contest" so I'm going to extend this contest for another couple weeks and repost the entry. . . Hopefully that will encourage participation! I would love to award a prize! I posted originally that if I got some action I would award a prize. . . Right now I'll change that to 5 entries. . . I can give a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and 2 runner ups! I'll award 1 prize to the 1st place! Sound good?