Friday, August 24, 2007

J is for JUMBO Clothes-pin

Just in case you thought I forgot about my ABC's of posting, here is a J to keep us moving!

I made this Jumbo Clothes-pin Photo Holder quite sometime ago. My friends Jen and Lois came over for our almost monthly creative session at my house (only because I have kids-- enough said!). Jen taught us how to make the flowers and yes they are completely made with paper, ink, some floral wire and tape, and ribbon! The paper clips are readily available at many scrapbook or hobby type stores, but I got mine here. I painted it white, covered with some BT and a neat rub-on from HS, highlighted it with some ink and added my paper bouquet! Cute, huh? I posted it before and the gals over at Pennywise Arts wanted me to do a tutorial. . . Of course I told them I didn't create these cute little roses, but that I would "teach" the class. . .I think its still available on their yahoo site, if you are so interested. . . Maybe Jen will post here photo tutorial here, I tried to find it, but failed! Here's the ones Lois and Jen created too!

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Kari said...

Beautiful work! You guys are way too crafty for your own good :)