Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tagged Again! SEvEn rANdoM ThINgS!

Fabulously talented (and now I found out also incredibly interesting), Tresa, has tagged me for 7 more random things to know about me.

Okay, so I'm really having to stretch here. . .

The Osmond's (Marie pictured above) are my cousins. . . And, we used to actually see them at family reunions. . . And she sang at my Uncle Rex's funeral. . . And we were invited to her first wedding. . . And she picked me out of a crowd at the Idaho State Fair in 1989-90 (can't remember for sure which year!) My family participated in a talent show with the Osmond's in attendance when we were kids doing "I need some Pepper," -- A ridiculous spoof on needing toilet paper in an outhouse. And I have a picture of Donny with my Grandmother not long before she passed away. . . Okay, that's 7! Whew!!! That wasn't so tough!

So now, the following 7 of you are tagged: Lois, Jenn, Elaine, Tori, Kari, Tara, and Kim

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Kari said...

Guess I better come up with some goodies about myself .... Love to hear about you and your famous family :)