Monday, August 20, 2007

Luck in 2's Challenge

Your challenge -- create a scrapbook page, journal entry or blog entry answering the following questions:

1. Two everyday things I can't live without: Water and Light
2. Two of my favorite songs: Traveling Soldier and Jesus Take the Wheel (also, Christmas music, any kind!)
3. Two things I want to do before I die: Be so good at something, it gives others goose-bumps and overcome my "bad" habits.
4. Two things I worry about: Failing my Children, Failing Myself
5. Two stores I shop at: Costco and Old Navy
6. Two things that scare me: Not being able to protect my kids, losing my family
7. Two snacks I could eat everyday: Ice-Cream and French Fry's (yes, together!)
8. Two people I would be lost without: My Mom and My Husband
9. Two nicknames I've been given: Shelly Belly and Buttars Butt (my maiden name is Buttars!)
10. Next two places I want to go on vacation: Colorado, Someplace Tropical (on a cruise!)

1 comment:

Kari said...

I'm so going to do this on my blog in the next few days ... when I have a minute to catch my breath ;)