Sunday, August 26, 2007

No Poo Poo on the Froo Froo

So, who'd a thunk it? My little Walker Man could not stand that I didn't make him a notebook like his sisters' HM2 notebooks. For 2 weeks now he has not come into my scrap room without asking would I make him a notebook.

"Will you make me my notebook, please?" He'd say in his most sincere and sweet voice.

We've been very sick, as you all know. That didn't stop his pleadings. it hurt me, as I'm sure you understand, to repeteadly tell him that while I WILL make him his notebook SOMEDAY, I just couldn't do it TODAY.
So tonight, all of us feeling mostly human again, I found the energy to tackle his notebook. I finished it. I was proud. He cried and ran out of the room. He's very sensitive, this little man. So, 15 minutes of reckoning later I find out that he's upset because his doesn't have the pretty ribbons on it too. So, here is Walker and his froo froo'd up notebook! Doesn't he look happy now? I didn't think for one minute that the ribbon froo froo would be in this little dream of his! GEESH! Now I'm off to make Wyatt his, because you know Walker isn't going to rest until Wyatt has one too! This time, I won't even try to say poo poo on the froo froo! Not going there again!


Kari said...

Totally hilarious!! But that look of joy on his face was worth every last knot you had to tie on the froo froo, wasn't it?

Tori said...

What a good mom you are! Those two are getting so big! What are you feeding them? Glad to hear you are feeling better!

BTW, if my kids saw those notebooks...I would be having to place an order with ya! ;)

Seth, Tara, Maxx and Jase said...

The notebooks are soo cute! You did such a good job! I heard you guys were sick and its good to see that you are getting back on your feet!