Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cards Installment 2008, Class 1

I just love my new class! I've got some seasoned veterans in class, but some new faces too. I won't have a hard time seeing these ladies until next June at all! (They may get entirely sick of me, but that's a different story!) In all actuality I love all of my classes and don't know what I would do without them!

I was really feeling out of MOJO in prepping for this class and as always I fretted and stewed about the quality and satisfaction level for my students. My DD insisted that I shouldn't do another shaker card, but the class was glad I did and my inspiration to use real cup cake sprinkles was a huge hit. Here's the card. I actually first made the blue but wasn't entirely satisfied and my cupcake sprinkles actually crushed, so I made the second in green.

I think the class favorite was this yellow and black card in which I taught them crayon resist. . . So easy and such a big impact! I had seen a card using this set using the shaving cream technique, but I like how mine turned out better.

They really enjoyed this floating Smile card that I learned from Lois and I do like how this card pops!

I think this card really carries the sentiment well. I love how the colored flowers on the inside give the impression of a better day.

It's hard not to like this card that has a built in book mark gift. A simple magnet underneath the layers keeps the gift attached and also aids when using the book mark!

This 6X6 was one of my favorites. There are things I would do differently if I made it again, but over all I think its a great card.

My next class is Recipe Club. . . This is going to be fun! Until then, I hope you enjoy this post!


Anonymous said...

I love the cards from today's post on your blog! I live in Tucson and was wondering if I could take a class from you sometime! I looked at your class schedule and was wondering if you were teaching the same cards again. I love the crayon resist and the hanging smile card. How far away is Goodyear from Tucson? Your talent is awesome! I need to learn some new techniques and have some fun! I loved the blog you recommended too! The gusso? cs looks fun to try!

Connie Jo Carroll

Rhonda said...

These cards are so great. You did such a wonderful job on them all.
Thanks for sharing your creations.