Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Day Stamping With Friends

Lois, Jen and I got together two weeks back for a little grown up girl bonding time. (Actually it was just our excuse to play, but we can't say that in public!) We'd like to do it more regularly, but it seems like we manage about twice a year. It was just what I needed. . . thanks girls!

Jen came up with this beautiful card:

Lois showed us this cute card with fun hanging sign trick:

and I showed them another envelope trick. . . What is my deal with envelopes anyway??!!?? I actually found the tutorial for this here, but of course this is my own spin:

Our session left me feeling renewed and inspired! Hope posting these inspires you too!

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Lois Michael said...

Actually girlfriend....I did finish mine. I just haven't posted anything.I messed up on it so made it into a mini photo album instead. Love the colors you used & the stamps! Thanks! I was sick for a week and haven't gotten back into the groove of things just yet. Love your posts & the pics of Calif with the family!