Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Getting It Done - Sarsaparilla

These are the pages my Get it Done Class made on June 13th. We had such a great time and although they were worried about making their photos work with the class everyone's pages turned out fantastic! We had one class member use these layouts to do a "Being Joel" through the years display. Another used her Wyoming vacation pictures. Cindy used Sedona Red Rock pictures and even though the layouts were the same each went home with their own treasured memories! Shar and Laurel still need to show me their finished pages. . . they promised!!! My photos, as you can see, are of a field trip Mikensee took when she was barely 8 to the Pioneer Living History Museum and what was the very last Laura Ingals Wilder day. The class this month focused on a collage page to help deal with the "left over" pictures you have once you've basically scrapbooked your event. Sometimes as scrapbookers we feel we have to do a 2 page layout for every photo we ever take. The collage technique helps you overcome this by allowing you to feature many, many pictures (many of the not so good ones) and keep the flow of the event without just trashing it!

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Cindy said...

Rachele, Thanks for getting me going again on has been far too long since I've made any progress on a craft that I dearly love. I love my new pages! You're the best! Cindy