Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pictures in Art - Wall Hanging

While this may never end up on my wall I do love how it turned out. I woke up dreaming about this project a few weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased to have it in my hands. This was the class 1 project for my Pitctures in Art class. . . Yes, I manufactured these by hand and it was a LOT of chipboard, but totally worth it! The overall size of this project is 8.5 X 11" and there are (8) 2-sided inserts. I still plan on adding photos to the inner and outer covers as well as adding some journaling. This showcase album features our family over the past few years in our favorite California get-a-ways.

The best part of making a project like this is the extra measure of gratitude I feel for my life, family, opportunities and experiences. There is a sense of satisfaction here that is hard to explain. I'm hopeful that the 7 members of my class walked away feeling it too.


Stacey said...

This is SUPER COOL!!! I LOVE the tabs!!!
You've been tagged-by me. If you want to participate you can check out my blog for the deets. :) It's pretty easy and painless...and kinda fun--or so I thought anyways! :)

Tracy said...

Wonderful! Love your work... :-)

Cindy said...

"........I'm hopeful that the 7 members of my class walked away feeling it too."

Yes. That's exactly how it makes me feel too! Thanks again, Rachele, for another fun and fulfilling project!!!