Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That Explains It!

Where have I been?

I've been right here, but my Hard Drive Crashed and Jessica dropped my camera on the same day. I'm finally back up and running (close anyway) so I have so many projects to update you on! My family blog and Moments in Time Blog are also slowly getting worked on. If you care to "SEE IT ALL" you may want to check in and look because I am going to back date some posts to keep an order to the whole ordeal!

Also, if you don't have MOZY, you want to sign up today. I would have lost 13000+ pictures and tons of files without it. I don't know if they have a referral program, but if they do, please put my name in the referral box. It's the best $4.95a month I'll ever spend! Why did I pick Mozy and not Carbonite? Mozy also backs up all EXTERNAL devices which is the HD I lost and Carbonite does not!

P.S. I signed up 2 months ago on a whim. . . That whim saved 5 years of photographs!

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