Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Garden Birthday Party

Jessica turns 7 August 8, Wyatt and Walker turn 5 August 11th. Every year this poses a general problem in my house. . . how to have 3 birthday celebrations in only 4 days! (Our anniversary is also the 7th and my birthday is in late July! Oh my!) I always feel guilty having a party for Jessica, but not W&W or having one for W&W, but not Jessica. . . I feel equally guilty about having them all share one party. Last year we went to the Grand Canyon and took a railway trip. That got me out of the dilemma last year (even though we still had cake and ice-cream along with presents on each of their respective birthdays.) So here it is, time a ticking and I had not a clue what to do! Then, a miracle happened! I saw a cute flower cake idea and thought "I should make that for Jessica's birthday." Then, I saw a caterpillar cake idea and thought "that would be the perfect cake for W&W!" My mind started working and by noon today, I had a party planned. Tonight I made the invitations. Here is how they turned out. I made 24 (customized for Jessica and her friends, W&W and their friends and of course family who will be celebrating for all of them!) in about 2 hours with some help from the divine M. The party should be fun. We're going to do some buggy (boy) and gardeny (girl) activities and all should be well! I'm really excited now and the guilt (for now) is at bay. I did tell Mikensee though, that I think from now on I'm going to rotate birthday years making sure I hit the biggies for each child in their year.


Jeanne said...

So glad you got it worked out. Mama guilt is no fun. Can you imagine how my mom felt oldest brother's birthday is May 26 and my twin brothers' b-day is May 27. Three bdays in two days!! I have two other brothers and their birthdays are exactly a week apart! Yikes!

Your invites are adorable. I'm sure everyone will love your efforts.

Stacey said...

WOW! You've been BUSY!!! :)
Those invitations are THE CUTEST!!!! And what a GREAT idea for the parties!!! PERFECT!!
I was going to suggest........we have a friend who had suggested to me (our kids birthday's are 2 weeks apart--and yes, it can be tricky...) her suggestion...just what you said, she rotates birthday parties. They still do the family party thing for each of them each year but rotate the party with the friends. Makes it a little easier?
Anyways....CUTE, CUTE!!!

Clearly Inspired said...

Very cute ladybug cards! Love how they open!

HaleyD said...

Love the cards & your solution to the birthday problem (this year)! Here's a tip from my cousin that might solve your b-day party dilemma. They only have parties for "milestone" birthdays: 5, 10, 13, 16, & 18. It helps spread things out a bit! Of course they still celebrate w/family each year to make each one special.