Monday, July 14, 2008

Tag, I'm It. . . Again!

I was tagged twice! by Elaine and this is what I'm supposed to do:

Share 7 facts about myself on my blog, some random, some weird. THEN tag 7 people at the end of my post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs and let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So-here goes:

7 - I like to exercise but I hate to sweat.
6 - I am a quilting dropout. I tried and would love to do it, but my patience level is not high enough for the hobby. That is how I became a paper crafter.
5 - My favorite stores when I was a kid were stationary stores. I used to spend my money on stationary, markers pens and such. . . not much has changed!
4 - My favorite foods are Potatoes and Ice-Cream and yes, I like them together. I especially love french fry's with Milk-Shakes. My favorite flavor is Vanilla; so many possibilites.
3 - If I had unlimited resources I would adopt 10 more children. I would also pay almost any amount of money for the privilege of giving birth to another child.
2 - I frequently wish I didn't have to sleep, just so I would have time to do more.
1 - I moarn the fact that kids today don't have an innocent childhood and that nothing is as good as it used to be. (Some may find that a bit negative, but if you think about it, its pretty true.)

I'm tagging these friends because I'd like to know MORE about them!



judy anderson said...

Oh Rachelle you are a sweet heart. Funny to see how far a tag goes. I tagged Elaine. However she was just one of two I tagged. How wa Jenn's birthday party? and did m card arrive in time?

Rachele Funk said...

Yes Judy, the party was great and the card was late, but I got it to her the next week. She loved it! Thanks for checking in!