Friday, December 7, 2007

Swapping for Happy Holidays

I don't do many swaps, but my unit was in need for someone to do the "I" or they were going to have to cancel the swap. I was under the impression we were doing Merry CHRISTMAS so I was a little disappointed when I opened the finished project to discover Happy Holidays instead. I really like the idea and how it turned out, don't you?

My tree is not yet finished and for the most part decorated by my kids (and undecorated by my cats), but it's not looking too bad!

The Swap (should you choose to re-create) goes like this:

1. Pick a theme (such as Merry Christmas or Happy Halloween or Thank You or even Happy Birthday!) Have an equal number of participants to make each tag. We used a front and back tag along with a Happy on the 1st tag and each letter of HOLIDAY so in this example we had 10 Participants. If you were doing Happy Birthday I would spell out each letter and do a spacer in between. This would take 16 participants.

2. Decide a size range for each "tag." We used 2 1/2 - 3" X 3 1.2 - 4" for the base with no limit on what can stick UP from the tag, but you can't have things stick out the sides.

3. Decide on a color theme or paper pack so that the overall concept stays uniform (or you could get wild and just see what you get back!) We used the Everlasting Paper Pack or the Color Combo represented in that pack.

4. For a successful swap be sure and plan out the details such as when the project is due, how much postage is needed to return the swap and any other factors that are important to you. We included that there had to be something stamped and some sort of embellishment on each piece.

Once I received the pieces back I strung them together by making a large loop of ribbon, tying each end into a hanging loop and taping the top ribbon to the top of the tag back and the bottom loop to the bottom of the tag back. I used the hanging end loops to hang it on the tree. I suppose you could also stitch each tag together. You could pre-determine that each tag needs to have eyelets as 1" and 3.5" on each side and tie them together with ribbon. Your limit is your imagination! If you recreate this, please post back or email me so I can see!

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Kari said...

This is completely adorable!! I love the way it turned out :)