Wednesday, December 12, 2007

On the 3rd Day of Christmas

So, I had grand plans for today (and I still have 9 projects left to go), but I just couldn't get it done! So, you'll have to wait for another day for my grand plans, but hopefully you'll like this simple and fun idea! Reindeer Food! I've made buckets of these over the years for my children and their friends. Without exception, it is always a hit!

So I'm showing you the front and back so you can see just how easy these are! Print your Reindeer poem in a text box to fit the size of the bags you'll be using. You can use plain old zip lock bags if you want to! I used smaller bags with zip tops easily found in the candy departments of a craft store. Cut the topper, fold and stamp, ink and decorate! I used a 2 hole punch and wrapped ribbon through the front, crossed in the back and back through the front for a quick and easy seal!

Reindeer Food: Oats (any kind - Reindeer aren't picky) Glitter (any color - Reindeer have great eyes and the moon will definitely shine on Christmas eve!)

The Poem:

Magic Reindeer Dust

Use: December 24th

As Santa flies in from the North this year, this is what you'll do; just sprinkle this dust in your yard (it isn't hard to do!) The sparkles will surely catch Santa's eye. Oats attract Reindeer you know. Now go to sleep (and do it quick,) they'll be on their way. . . And listen for the bells you'll hear jingling on Santa's Sleigh!

Merry Christmas from the Funk Family

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Kari said...

My kids *love* doing reindeer food!! I've used it for a classroom handout for my girls more than once now and it is always a hit! Loving you projects :)