Thursday, December 20, 2007

Annual Christmas Letter

Dear Friends and Family,

I find myself in sheer amazement that another year has past us by. I just love the holidays and even though my children can’t wait for the actual DAY of Christmas, I sure enjoy the “getting ready for” much more than the actual day. This year has been full as they all tend to be. We enjoyed another year in our home in Estrella Mountain. We love our views and love having the acre for the kids to play on. We spent our fair share of this year in the pool and the kids swam until way past when it was too cold for me!

I took up blogging in the spring. It combines my two loves, paper crafting and my family. I decided against a real estate blog (although I do love real estate) as blogging is therapeutic for me and I don’t want it to be work! Besides, who would want me to write my opinions on real estate anyway??!!?? If you want my opinion, you know I’m always here to ask! My blog, should you care to read it is I also dabbled in genealogy this year. I traced both Mike’s family tree and my family tree on all lines at least 4 generations (so all the way to the kids’ 4th great grandparents!) Some lines are back to the 1700’s. . . WOW!!! I taught water aerobics over the summer and enjoyed walk aerobics all year with the kids. . . Walker just loves the fact the instructor says “Walk or Jog,” and he just know she’s talking to him (Walker, Jog!) It’s a kick. Of course Wyatt wants to know why she doesn’t tell him to jog, but he’s such a joy boy, he doesn’t really care.

Real estate has kept me busy and although I’ve worked a lot, it hasn’t been extremely profitable this year . . . have to take the good with the bad. At least my clients know that I put their best interests in front of my personal income. Hopefully that will keep them loyal and their referrals still coming my way. I do still enjoy it and just love it when my clients get to move into a new home they love or just move-on to wherever their lives are headed! Mike has had a tough career year as well. His mid-life has brought him to wanting to focus more on his family. As a result he has given up his management position for sales. It’s been a rough transition, but I admire him for making the decision and sticking to it. I know that this year he’ll get back on track and find the balance he’s looking for.

Mikensee is almost 11 going on 16. She’s already in demand for babysitting and is doing very well in her studies. She is excelling in music and just loves the piano. She is developing quite a singing voice as well. She was disappointed that her dance instructor quit after the summer, so we’re still deciding on another activity for her. She keeps busy with her brothers and sister, school, achievement days and her friends. She’s also taking to actual typing and last she reported was about 22 WPM, so doing well! She excels in math and just whizzes through her assignments.

Jessica is still flashing her award winning smile and entertaining anyone who will watch. She too lost her dance teacher but started piano in the fall and has already progressed through 1 level. She doesn’t like to practice (or so she says), but she is a natural and just gets rhythm. She has almost no teeth presently, so I wish all she wanted for Christmas was her two front teeth, but instead she wrote a list to Santa of about 30 items. It took 2 pages, single spaced. I’m not kidding! Unfortunately she asked mostly for stuff she can’t have like a phone, a tv for her room, a van so she can drive herself anywhere she wants to go, a horse . . . you can just imagine the rest! She is very good at reading, phonics and spelling.

Wyatt and Walker are growing up! They turned 4 in August and are busy all the time. Recently they started their bedroom on fire by throwing Spiderman underwear in their ceiling fan light. I caught it while still contained to the light, but the only thing left of the underwear was part of the elastic band! There s never a dull moment! We enjoyed a trip to the Grand Canyon by railway to celebrate their birthday (and Jessica’s too!) They loved Laguna Beach this year and had a ball on Julie’s boogie boards. Being so tiny and unafraid, they were quite a hit! Wyatt is still our joy boy and Walker (Walkie-Talkie) starts talking right out of bed in the morning and doesn’t stop. Wyatt is a colorer. I’ve never seen a child with the patience to color as he has. He never goes outside of the lines; it’s crazy to watch him! Their antics are a hot topic on my blog, so feel free to read and chuckle.

Well, I’ve typed this as tiny as possible to fit on one page and its margin to margin! Hope I didn’t bore you and from our family to yours, may you have a blessed year and a very Merry Christmas! With Love, Rachele and Family


Lisa said...

What a beautiful family... Happy Holiday's

Lois Michael said...

What a great post Rachele! Thanks you for sharing with all of us. I was happy you saw the positive side of what was happening. I think at times we all have a tendency to see things that go wrong rather than things that go right. Sounds like your crazy hectic life is very rewarding which makes me happy. Sad for me I have missed so much of it though. Your Christmas card is going to be late....I forgot to mail it until Tuesday. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas & please give the kids a huge hug from me. Blessings to you my friend.

Kari said...

Great idea to post it on the blog!! I didn't even write a letter this year ... first time in a long time. I was just glad to get cards done (which were postmarked Dec.31st). I'll be adding that to my blog, too, as I recover from the backlog that December brought!!