Monday, December 10, 2007

On the 1st Day of Christmas

Sour Cream Container Gift Ornaments! - So easy your kids can make them, so cute, you'll want to make many! Named for the silly little sour cream containers you get out with a baked potato, they don't hold sour cream at all!

You will need the items pictured below plus treats to go inside! The paper crimper is helpful in sealing the ornament, but is optional:

Trim your paper to any rectangle. I used a 4" X 5" rectangle in the example.

Place your adhesive in the approximate pattern shown on the back side of your patterned or stamped paper:

Peel off the backing for the adhesive on your left and bottom sections, leaving the top right adhesive strip in place. Roll the tube like a toilet paper roll adhering just the left side as shown:

Fill with goodies of your choice. My favorite are Holiday Mint M&M's!:

Next peel the remaining adhesive backing and seal to the opposite edge as the bottom seal:

Crimp Edges and punch your hole:

Add your decorated tag and ribbon, and voila:

These pictured are simple and complete in less than 5 minutes a piece. You can make these as fancy as you wish. Stamp your own paper, add trims and finishes! You can emboss and fancy them up or keep the simple with B&T as I've shown here! My daughter and I made about 30 of them last year and gave them as gift tags on presents and to her primary class. They're always fun and always a hit! Have fun and be sure to link back the ornaments you create!

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Kari said...

I haven't made one of these in forever!! Didn't even think of using them for ornaments!! You really are a genius :)