Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 9th Day of Christmas

A Chipboard Mini Desk Frame

Don't laugh at the photo's I used. . . These are from Christmas 2004 and we didn't use digital yet... I wanted Christmas pictures for this project and they were the first set I came across. Poor pathetic photos of Christmas that year! Let me just say that I am SO THANKFUL for digital!!!

You will need: Chipboard squares/circles or whatever with centers you can use to put pictures in, some photos that will fit in the frames once cropped, adhesive, paper, scissors, a sanding block is helpful, some small embellishments and that's it!

This is an example of what the CTMH ones I used look like:

First you will cover all of your chipboard frames with paper. You will do this in these 3 steps:

Then, to simply the cropping process, put adhesive on the back of your now covered frames and place it on the photo like so:

If you are going to attach any ribbon or embellishments to the frame, do it BEFORE you adhere the frame to your photo. Once adhered, trim to fit! It's easier to cut from the front, even though your inclination is to turn it over and trim from the back.
For both the rough edges on paper cuts and the photo, a little sanding and ink will hide imperfections and add dimension as well!

Score 2 of the covered frames in the middle and fold for the "stand" and adhere like this:

Assemble and Embellish! This is a close-up to show the glitter I put on all of the holly berries. I initially stapled my frames together but didn't like it so I stitched with waxed linen instead!

While I made this a Christmas set, you could do Baby, Mother's Day or any other theme. I plan on using this as a page embellishment once I'm done with it sitting on my desk!


scrappernic said...

Oh I am definitely going to have to try this! Not before CHristmas, but ohhh Valetines frame! What a creative and fun idea! I am so glad I found your blog--you are so talented! Ok, I knew that from the BBs, but now I can see even more of your work and your beautiful kiddos.

Kari said...

Could you stop being so darn perfect and crafty?! I really need to get back to more of that in my spare time ... except I'm trying to make more time to read this year .... I love to see what you're up to in your craft room :)