Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On the 2nd Day of Christmas

Tootsie Roll Wreaths (and ornaments too!)

For this fun and child friendly project you need:

Tootsie Roll Minis, Curling Ribbon (you can also use real ribbon, but it takes a lot!), a Macro me' ring in any size, a small gift tag and that's it!

1. cut curling ribbon in 6" strips, tie the ends of tootsie roll wrappers to the wreath, curl the ends, add a loop for hanging and small gift tag and that's it!

I made a teeny tiny one for an ornament. My girls both made a 6" wreath for their primary teachers. . . When the receiver unwraps the tootsie rolls they can leave the wrappers and still have a wreath!

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Kari said...

Totally adorable ... my girls would love this!!