Friday, December 14, 2007

On the 5th Day of Christmas

This may or may not be my official 5th Day of Christmas Post, but seeing as I believe my 6 year old has an ear infection and the twins have a birthday party at Bounce U for their friend Chloe at 5 and Mike and I have an adult Christmas Party scheduled for 6:30, this may be all I can swing today. I still have some good projects lined up and may have to extend my 12 days to 15 days to cover them all, but we'll see!

So. . . here's an easy one for you! Random Stamped Gift Paper. This is actually brown butcher paper. I whipped these up last night for the gift exchange portion of our party this evening.


Kari said...

Totally love the gift wrap ... wish I actually took the time to make it myself! Yours looks amazing :)

LisaVB said...

That paper looks great! Where do you find the butcher paper?

Rachele Funk said...

Hey Lisa,

I got my butcher paper at Wal-Mart. I think you can get it at Michaels too. They also have HUGE rolls you can buy online, if you decide you want that much. This finished my roll, so I'll be on the hunt for more. I still have some white, but I really like the kraft!

Good luck!