Thursday, December 20, 2007

I ran out of family photos for my Christmas cards and since I posted my letter, here is the other photo too! (Actually this isn't our FAMILY photo, since my DH Mike is missing, but I didn't get one scanned and now they are all gone!)


Jan Scholl said...

In this photo, you remind me of Catherine Ohara the Home Alone mom. I have always loved her facial expressives.

Beautiful family-how much does the tooth fairy give these days? My nephew said 50 bucks (he is 6) and I about gagged on my teeth.

I love red dresses!

Rachele Funk said...

Our tooth fairy is broke. . . 6 teeth in 2 weeks between my two oldest and the twins already have 4loose teeth! We have a tooth fairy named Appletta, she is a forest fairy and she writes letters on handmade paper. Sometimes she brings charms for their bracelets, this time she brought them monogram ornaments that are silver with glass and pearl beads! She usually leaves a crisp $2 bill and $5 when the child was particularly brave or if they leave notes and treats for their beloved Appletta. My oldest DD only has 1 tooth left to go and her tooth fairy sent her a good-bye letter. This is the note M left for A this week:

Appletta, I don't want you to stop being my tooth fairy!!! You are great!!! I understand you have other little children's teeth to collect, but you can't stop visiting me. Love Mikensee

P.S. Don't forget ME!

Kari said...

Love the photo!!