Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Crying Towel

Sometimes it's necessary to give someone something, when you'd just as soon not have the need. I have made several of these over the years.I was just recently asked for a copy of my poem so I thought I would post it here. Hopefully you'll never have occasion to give one, but given the nature of life, you probably will. Hope it helps you when the need arises!

Life can be so discouraging..
You wonder “Why now? Why this? Why me?”
Though there is no rhyme or reason,
some purpose, in time you will see.
Don’t give up. . . Don’t throw in the towel.
You’ll see your way through this it’s true.
I wish there were some way I could “absorb”
some of the pain you are going through . . .
And I wish there were more I could do.
Please dry your tears on this crying towel.
Use it as long as you need.
And if you find there is more that you need from me,
please know that I’m here for you! --Rachele

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Kari said...

What a wonderful and thoughtful idea!