Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nativity Secret Santa

This is the Willow Tree Nativity and has been a long time favorite of mine, although I'm yet to own one piece! Someday I'd like to have it. I posted the other day about our Secret Santa (which we are still amazed by and enjoying! Love the rusty metal ornaments and the reindeer craft, in case you are reading! So Mikensee wanted to do one herself but she has $20 to her name, so I told her it might be tough. . . then I read a story about a woman who received a nativity set piece by piece only to find that Baby Jesus was a wrapped gift given to her by a friend early in the season and had been placed under the tree and forgotten. . . well, anyway, I was at Wal-Mart and found a Nativity already marked down, so I bought it. The kids and I prayed and picked a family and we are now delivering their nativity over today and the next 5 days. This is the poem we are using and I made simple tags to attach to each gift. It goes like this:

Day 1: In Bethlehem one special day, a couple sought a place to stay. The inns were full, there was no space. They could not find a resting place. . .
(We delivered the Stable/Creche tonight.)
Day 2: A kind inkeeper smiled and said his stable could be used instead. The stable creatures all felt blessed. Tonight they had a special guest. The little lambs so soft and white watched quietly that special night. (We will deliver the animals. . . a sheep, donkey and cow.)
Day 3: The woman Mary soon gave birth, she brough God's son into the earth. Shepherds on a lonely hill, saw a sight that made them still. Angels came to share great joy, announcing Mary's baby boy. (We will deliver Mary and Joseph, although the angel would go here too, but our set has the angel on the creche.)
Day 4: "The world now has a newborn King." "Go worship him!" They heard them sing. The Angels told where Jesus lay. A shining star would guide their way. (We will deliver the Shepherds.)
Day 5: And in the East a shining star, led three wise men from afar. The wisemen each brought gifts to share. They honor Jesus with a prayer. (We will deliver the wisemen.)
Day 6 - Christmas: Today we celebrate that night, when God's love brought new world new light. (We will deliver baby Jesus.)

This could be broken up into 24/25 lines and the set divided further. . . or you could do it in 12 (although our set has 13 pieces.) Either way, or anyway, I think its going to be great fun for the family receiving it and we are paying it forward from our Secret Santa!


Sunflowergal74 said...

Rachele I think we are kindred spirits really. I love this set. And I remember the story of the family who received one piece of the nativity each day before Christmas. I was actually JUST thinking to myself the other day that I would LOVE to do something like that.... and here you go posting it.

I hope you get your Willow nativity set. It's not cheap but definitely one of the best ones I've ever seen!


Kari said...

I love this so much!! Tucking it away into my memory so we can do this next year! We did Secret Santa every Monday night in Dec. but just dropped off a little treat (photo to be posted soon) to several people in our ward each week. LOVE this idea!!!